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Growing the church as a truly organic experience of Christ.


"Growing Christ in Our World."
Worship - Growing Christ for God.
Discipleship - Growing Christ in myself.
Stewardship - Growing Christ in the church.
Mission- Growing Christ in my world.


What is our motivation for ministry?
Our purpose is to be part of God’s “recovery movement”
(Isa. 61:3-4).

We exist to recover the truths of God’s Word to our generation.

This also means recovering God’s eternal plan, which is to make Christ pre-eminent, as the Lord, centre and head of all things.

We seek to bring glory to God by taking Christ as our life and living in order to see the church be built into the fullness of His expression, as His own Body.
It is our intent to see Christ planted, rooted, matured and bearing fruit in all those who love Him.

Through the supply of the Spirit we seek to provide spiritually nurturing environments where people can become strong in their new identity in Christ.

We also seek to release believers into their prophetic and redemptive mission of living Christ and proclaiming Him to a spiritually needy generation.

We also seek to promote 12 essential qualities in ministry ...

  • Loving Relationships [Jn 13:34,35]
  • Sincere Evangelism [Mark 16:15]
  • Holistic Small Groups [Acts 20:20]
  • Inspiring Worship [Eph 5:19]
  • Functional Structures [Luke 5:37,38]
  • Passionate Spirituality [Col. 2:6, 7]
  • Gift Oriented Ministry [1 Peter 4:10]
  • Empowering Leadership [Heb 13:7]
  • Victorious Christian Living [1 John 5:4]
  • Christ-like Character [2 Peter 1:3]
  • Believing Prayer [Mark 11:17]
  • Universal Commission [Mark 16:15]



Pastor Ron
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